The Perfect Roller Banner Design

The Perfect Roller Banner Design
October 11, 2016 Grey Pocket

Producing the perfect roller banner isn’t easy. The most important thing to remember is that people only glance at a banner, they don’t want to spend time in front of the banner reading scrolls of text.


So, this means you have to get your message across quickly. This might mean making your logo and website as big as possible. If the banner is just a backdrop for your exhibition stand then this is probably all you need. If you’d like to add more, remember – simple is always better.


The use of strong colours is also important, people may be looking at the banner from a distance so you want it to stand out from the crowd!


If the purpose of the banner is to give an overview of your business or organistion, then maybe you can add some bullet points or a short paragraph to describe what you are about.


One big image as a watermark or maybe centered in the design can be really effective, however you need a good high resolution file for this, if you don’t have the right quality of images, perhaps 3 or 4 small images used as a montage would work well.


Finish the design off with your contact details, nowadays your website will probably suffice, this will contain all the info the reader needs.


To recap, here’s Stephen Simpson to tell you how we made our banner stand out from the crowd.